Does Coffee Help Succulents

Coffee has many benefits – alertness, metabolism boost, and better cognition. But one surprising property of coffee might be its helpfulness in the growth of succulents.

Its acidity helps maintain optimal soil pH levels, while its nitrogen encourages plant vigor and vibrant greens. Coffee can also balance other deficiencies in soil too.

It works wonders in situations where the soil isn’t ideal for accepting water – preventing sogginess, which is perfect for those who tend to over-water their plants. Its caffeine content even repels garden pests like snails and slugs, which can damage succulents.

Applying a diluted blend of coffee is highly advantageous for your succulents as it boosts their nutrition by adding much-needed nitrogen and potassium to the mix. Plant food or liquid fertilizer may do that, but nothing beats a tiny drop of pure coffee every once in a while!

Above all, achieved with balance and moderation – don’t overdo it – caring for your succulents with coffee shows you how two unlikely things combine together to form something extraordinary: you! Your green thumb will be proud!

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