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Does Cactus Need Sunlight Everyday

Cactus thrive in warm, dry climates, but even indoors, they need plenty of sunshine as part of their regular care routine. While some cacti can survive with shade and several will bloom under bright fluorescent lights, properly tending to your cactus means providing it with the sun almost daily.

When grown outdoors, many cacti require full direct sunlight for at least eight to 10 hours daily in the summer months and five to six hours during winter. Those kept as houseplants may only need four to six hours a day. Choose an area that receives ample sunlight and provides adequate air circulation if your plant is located outdoors.

Using dappled shade on very hot days can provide easier temperature control, or move your plant indoors on days when the sun is too intense for it. When indoors, keep your cactus close enough to the window so it has access to natural light yet far enough away from drafts from an open window or heat from an indoor heater. Regularly monitor the amount of warmth and light available to ensure you’re providing consistent care for optimal growth and health.

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