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Does Cactus Grow Faster With Water

Cacti are incredibly resilient plants that can thrive in the most challenging of climates. But, like all succulents, cacti need access to water to survive.

In order to promote growth, cacti should receive an adequate water supply throughout the entire growing season, which varies depending on the type of plant. Regularly giving your cactus a deep soak and allowing it time to dry out can help encourage healthy growth and flowering.

When first planting a cactus outdoors, it is important to slowly introduce water instead of flooding its root system with a big dose of hydration early on. The foliage should be misted before being subjected to full watering sessions for the first few weeks after planting or transplanting.

This should then progress over several weeks or months before regularly supplying your plants with enough water for them to last until their next session.

It’s also worth taking into account the time of year when providing your cactus thorough hydration, as too much moisture during cooler months – when these plants normally require less attention – could do more harm than good by making them vulnerable to frost damage or soft rot spores invading their cells.

Still, depending on where you grow cacti, there could come situations in which deciding how much water they need can be tricky. As such, checking your plants’ soil profile and observing their leaves will help you ascertain if they need extra hydration or not

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