Does A Cactus Need Sun

Cacti are sun-seeking. They seek direct sunlight to bring life and growth. Without the right light, cacti can become leggy and, in extreme cases, can die. And while they may seem tough, cacti still need protection from the elements.

In general, cacti need six to eight hours of sun per day during their growing season if kept outdoors. In particularly sunny and warm climates, shade during the hottest parts of the day might be necessary for a healthy cactus. During winter, when outdoor temperatures decline significantly, indoor plants should avoid icy drafts from windows and doorways as much as possible.

When grown indoors, a bright window facing south or west is essential for providing adequate sunlight for a healthy plant without risking overexposure. Position your potted plants at least 25 cm away from cold or drafty windows so that the chill won’t harm them. If possible, consider using sheer curtains on these windows to help filter out some of that intense intensity while still allowing ample light to reach your plants

For optimal health, rotate your potted cactus once per week to ensure it is exposed to sunshine evenly all around its circumference – this will help prevent lopsided growth and ugly stretching towards one direction in search of sunshine.

Water whenever the soil feels dry about an inch below surface; never add water until the soil has dried out somewhat first. Don’t forget about regular fertilizing with specialized cacti/succulent feed as directed on the label roughly once every two months during the summer season, plus a weaker dose once during winter time every year!

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