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Does 1 Grass Seed Equal One Blade Of Grass

Grass grows fast. A single grass seed can quickly become a thriving crop of blades. Each—in turn—grows on its own, needing little but time and nurture to fully realize its potential.

Nonetheless, they’re each still one, inextricably linked from the start. Uniqueness is an illusion; what we perceive as separate and distinct is molded from the same stuff — infinitely interconnected — un-caused cause of an unfathomable unity.

To be successful in any endeavor requires you to remember this and take steps to cultivate it consciously; find collaborations that share the same fundamental understanding and build from there. Combining individual strengths, weaknesses, ideas, desires, and dreams will each strengthen until that re-image itself in new forms that open up further possibilities unseen before.

Seek out those with complementary goals so your united efforts are more than any one part could ever dream of achieving on their own. Like the truism at hand, many are one but not alone; each blade responsible for a greater emergent whole beyond its initial conception or naive eyes beholding

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