Do You Put Salt In Roses

“Do you put salt in roses?” is not a question that many people ask on a regular basis. However, it’s an inquiry that may arise if you are looking to keep your fresh-cut flowers looking beautiful for longer.

So, can salt help roses last longer? The answer is yes! Salt helps stop bacterial growth that can affect the life of cut flowers. In fact, mixing a teaspoon of salt with two tablespoons of white vinegar and adding this solution to the vase water can make your roses last up to seven days longer.

But there are some things to consider when using salt as a flower preservative. First, don’t use too much salt, or your flowers may wilt faster instead of lasting longer. Second, only add salt when you’re replacing the vase water — don’t just throw more salt into the old water. And finally, if you don’t have white vinegar at home, lemon juice is also an acceptable substitute.

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