Do You Need Top Soil To Grow Grass

Amidst the plethora of gardening questions, one rarely discussed query is do you need soil to grow grass?

The answer is no. You don’t need top soil to grow grass. Many types of lawns, including turf and artificial grass, can be laid directly on compacted gravel or other subgrade material. The soil aids in enhancing water drainage and helps support the root system’s balance.

But even when topsoil isn’t needed to begin with, it can improve the health of existing lawns. It greatly increases water retention drastically reducing drought stress and water usage costs. It also contains vital nutrients that can replenish your lawn’s malnutrition and allow better maintenance through reduced weed control needs as well as improved disease control capabilities. 

Incorporating a good layer of soil for your lawn instigates deeper roots resulting in a more vibrant lawn over time because this promotes healthier growth quality at optimal levels. This decrease in surface variability improves the aeration boosting oxygen emission from the ground making it an inviting environment for new microbes which can bring in greater microbial diversity improving organic matter content and filtration capability for liquids and air over time that making everything look prettier when all said and done.

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