Do Vertical Gardens Use Soil

Vertical gardens are appealing, but do they need soil? Most plants prefer soil. However, some vertical gardens use hydroponics instead. Hydroponic growing is the practice of using a nutrient-rich liquid solution rather than soil.

Typical hydroponic setups contain water and nutrients for the plants in tanks or pipes. Plants typically grow on foam or cloth platforms rather than in containers of dirt like traditional gardens do.

Hydroponic systems can be more efficient than conventional gardens. Since these systems rely on an automated system to maintain proper nutrient levels and oxygen content, they eliminate the need to continuously check soil moisture and pH level.” This process eliminates the need for weeding and tilling. Most also get much direct access to sunlight because there’s no bulky container blocking it out.

However, hydroponics does have its drawbacks. The lack of healthy microbes found in soil can be detrimental to plants’ nutrition availability; many gardeners struggle with hydroponic systems because the setup is particularly sensitive to any changes in temperature or light conditions that could interfere with photosynthesis rates.

Overall, while some vertical gardens forego soil entirely and use hydroponics instead, careful consideration should be taken before attempting this system as it can be difficult to maintain desired nutrient levels and provide an optimal growth environment for plants, even with automated systems.”

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