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Do Vertical Gardens Need Soil

The vertical landscape is visually striking as it can create a dramatic sense of depth and foreground. It also allows for plants of different sizes and shapes to be incorporated, making for eye-catching displays.

However, planting vertically comes with a few drawbacks. The additional height increases the chances of plants being damaged by strong winds or heavy rain, which could potentially lead to uprooting or stem breakage. Furthermore, growing on the vertical requires specific support structures, stakes, and ties to secure the plants in place, which may be cumbersome in some cases.

In addition, there’s more maintenance involved in vertical gardening, such as pruning and watering, due to the increase in surface area that needs tending to. This can be particularly difficult if you are on higher levels and have limited access.

Ultimately, while vertical gardens provide a stunning visual encounter, they require extra care and attention — manageable when done right but costly otherwise.

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