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Do Sunflowers Only Bloom Once

Sunflowers are beloved by many, their exuberant petals celebrated and admired. But do they only bloom once?

The answer is no. Sunflowers may look like a one-time show, but they can bloom multiple times throughout their growing season, usually from late spring to early autumn.

Their dynamic lifecycle helps guarantee continual color and interest in any garden – meaning you don’t have to settle for a single show of joy.

When the blooms begin to fade, simply snip off at the stem near the flowerhead with sharp scissors or shears. This will encourage the plant to put energy into producing new stems and flowers. In a week or two, new stems should appear ready for a second set of showy blooms!

To ensure continual flowering throughout the summer months, keep up regular water and fertilizer treatments. The healthier the soil, the longer your Sunflower will remain in bloom.

More resilient than you’d think, sunflowers can also be divided after blooming to maximize your display – separating big plants into several smaller ones using a shovel will help increase their numbers!

So don’t despair if that sunny meadow you had in mind doesn’t happen quickly enough – robust and renewable, sunflowers make it easy to bring sunshine back again and again!

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