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Do Sunflowers Need A Lot Of Water

Sunflowers require ample water to flourish. Though they need hydrating throughout the growing season, over-watering can negatively impact the flowers’ blooms.

Flowers should be watered at least 1-2 inches per week, either manually or naturally, via rainfall. However, excessive hydration can harm sunflowers’ growth and health. In hot weather, water the flowers twice a week instead of once.

Surround flower beds with mulch to aid in preserving moisture levels in the soil and reduce evaporation to ensure adequate hydration remains for your blooms. Drought-tolerant plants also benefit from 2-3 inches of organic compost applied each year for added richness and improved water retention in soils.

In addition to these measures, containers holding sunflower plants will require more frequent watering than those planted directly into the ground due to increased evaporation from containers’ surfaces. Inspect container soil frequently, as dryness reduces plant growth and hinders successful flowering.

To test moisture in the soil, scrape away a half-inch layer of topsoil around plants and insert a finger up to your second knuckle; if it feels slightly damp, then no additional watering is necessary yet. If it’s dry, then immediately allow the flower bed to soak until you detect it’s saturated by inspecting depths again later on with your finger or a small garden trowel if available to you.

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