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Do Sunflowers Need A Lot Of Soil

Sunflowers crave deep, nutrient-rich soil and plenty of space in which to grow. They prefer loamy soil with a pH between 6 and 7.5; sandy soils often lack the necessary nutrients to promote healthy growth.

Before planting, it’s wise to amend the soil by digging in well-rotted cattle manure or compost, as these will add both essential nutrients and moisture retention. To avoid overcrowding, plant every seed 15-18 inches apart so the roots have room to stretch out.

Throughout their growth cycle, avoid over-watering or under-watering; create a watering schedule that works for your climate so that any moisture absorbed does not evaporate too quickly. Some experts suggest supplementing the heat of summer with mulch such as straw or bark as this helps keep roots cool and moist and protects from weeds by blocking sunlight from reaching them.

Sunflowers are also adaptable annuals requiring full sun away from competing vegetation that might block their light exposure. If needed, support your plants with stakes for stronger stems; carefully guide them upward and tie them off sparingly at key points to prevent toppling.

Timed correctly, additional nutrients can give color an extra boost leading up to flowering time while deterring water loss during warmer months. Additionally, prune regularly during their lifecycle, both before and after blooming, to remove dead foliage, opening up access to more airflow that’ll help deter disease spread.

Lastly, use natural organic insecticides when dealing with pests who dig furrows within the stem – resulting in eventual death if left untreated – to keep sunflower beds weed free!

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