Do Succulents Need Repotting

Repotting succulents is essential to their health and growth, as they tend to become root-bound in containers over time. It boosts nutrient levels, improves air circulation, and provides essential space for root development.

 Plus, changing the substrate can give your succulent a fresh start with a new set of minerals or specialized soil components.

But when deciding if and how often to repot your plant, there are several clues you should look out for. If you see roots coming out of the drainage holes at the bottom of the pot or any signs of soil erosion on the surface, then it’s probably time to move your succulent into a larger pot.

You’ll have greater success by timing transplanting between mid-spring and early summer when succulents are growing actively and have more reserves for setting new roots. Also, keep an eye on the temperature, as the best practice is to wait until night temperatures reach 10°C/50°F or higher before commencing repotting activities.

Finally, remember that overpotting is almost as bad as not repotting at all so make sure to select a container no more than two inches wider than the current one for optimal results.

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