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Do Succulents Need Fertilizer

Succulents are cherished for their low-maintenance care. These resilient plants have adapted to survive harsh conditions, so they need very little to thrive.

Most succulents don’t require fertilization. A quality soil mix rich in organic material provides adequate nutrition, especially if you’re planting indoors. They also benefit from healthy air circulation and ample drainage, with supplemental feeding in the warmer months.

But sometimes—over time or during the stressful transition from one environment to another—a succulent may become weak and require some extra TLC. Fertilizing can help them get back on track and regain their vitality. Rarely do these plants need more than a light sprinkling of balanced fertilizer once or twice a year.

Always dilute, as too much can burn the plants’ roots and cause further damage, leading to stunted growth or yellowing leaves. After application, flush the soil with water, taking care not to overwater as this could lead to root rot problems.

Taking care of succulents is rewarding and easy; whether with natural solutions like compost tea or light feedings of balanced fertilizer when necessary, your houseplants will appreciate it!

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