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Do Succulents Need A Lot Of Soil

Succulents thrive in soil that is slightly moist but well-draining. This means the soil should neither be too soggy nor overly dry. Most succulent mixes contain some organic material (like peat moss) and very fine-grain sand or perlite for drainage.

It’s important to choose a pot with drainage holes, such as terra cotta, so excess water can escape quickly and your plants don’t become overly saturated. To promote even greater drainage, you can layer a 1-2″ layer of small stones or pebbles in the bottom of the pot before adding the soil mix.

You should also use a shallow pot because it helps the soil dry out faster than deeper containers do; this prevents rot and root damage from overwatering. A shallow pot encourages roots to grow near the surface in search of oxygen as opposed to growing deep into wetter soil below, where there may not be enough air available for them to survive.

Keep an eye on your succulent’s soil each time you water; when it’s damp, around 2″ below the topsoil, stop watering until it nearly dries out. This usually means watering only once every 7-10 days when conditions are hot and dryer during cooler months like winter or spring.

When done correctly, providing just enough water while helping with proper drainage will ensure healthy succulents that will last for years!

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