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Do Succulents Need 24 Hour Light

Succulents are plants with the remarkable ability to store water, making them great options for both indoor and outdoor home decor. But one question lies at the heart of success with these resilient little plants: do succulents need 24 hours of light?

The answer is no; like all other plants, succulents need a balance of light and darkness for healthy growth. Like any good gardener, you must find a happy medium between full Sun and complete darkness to keep your succulent looking its best.

Succulents thrive in partial sunlight – up to six hours a day – so it’s important to position them in spots that receive only indirect light during the hottest parts of the day. Pay attention to how much sunlight is hitting your plant; too much Sun can cause faded or dried leaves, while too little will, unfortunately, stunt and weaken it over time.

Finally, keep in mind that succulent leaves require a weekly misting or shallow watering depending on the environment, temperature, and moistness levels. The goal is to ensure the plant’s roots have enough hydration while keeping its leaves dry to prevent wilting or rotting.

By following these simple steps, you can give your home some vibrant greenery without worrying about overexposing your succulent to light. With patience and care, you’ll reap beautiful rewards!

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