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Do Succulents Like To Sit In Water

No. Succulents do not like standing water, as it encourages root rot and damage to the plant overall. Hypothetically, succulents can tolerate short-term dampness if proper drainage is provided. But prolonged dips in the water will leave them prone to loss of soil and ultimately becoming mushy, moldy, or brown.

The best practice is to rinse the roots of your succulent with lukewarm water for a couple of seconds rather than soak them in a bucket, pot, or saucer. Make sure to remove excess water from between leaves and from the soil once finished rinsing to preserve moisture levels and promote healthy growth. Then let the container sit at room temperature until completely dry – avoiding direct sunlight in most cases – before placing them back into the environment they were in beforehand.

And regardless of whether you choose soil or a hydroponic setup, succulents generally require bright light but some levels of shade – such as when days become especially hot – alongside moderate temperatures and good ventilation without too much humidity. Succulent keepers might find applying a few drops of fish emulsion fertilizer on their plant every month also beneficial to ensure they’re well-fed!

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