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Do Succulents Like Full Hot Sun

Searing sunrays make succulents thrive. For these hardy plants, complete hot sunshine nourishes and energizes. Summers are a great time for succulent outdoor gardening in areas with plenty of UV exposure. But be sure to provide proper drainage, as superheated soil can damage root systems.

Work sunlight gradually into your container-grown succulents’ lives – too much too soon can cause burnt foliage. In harsh climates, start by placing your planters in partial sun, then work up to full exposure over the course of several days or weeks; this allows leaves to adjust.

Shade and filtered light reduce the intensity of direct rays while maintaining an essential bright glow, so they absorb maximum life-giving warmth with less risk of scorching their delicate cellulose layers.

Due to their special abilities, succulents require plenty of warmth and actinic light (from longer wavelengths) rather than cool indirect sunshine all year round. Now that you know what they need – sit back, relax, and watch as these resilient beauties reward your focused care with undeniable resilience and an abundance of delightful blooms!

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