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Do Succulents Grow Bigger In Bigger Pots

In the plant world, bigger pots mean bigger succulents. But why?

Firstly, larger vessels provide more space for roots to grow and spread, enabling plants to access more nutrients and water. It also offers protection to young succulents as they become increasingly vulnerable in medical-sized containers.

However, when a pot is too big for a succulent’s size or growth pattern, excess soil can lead to rotten roots and root damage from over-watering. This means you should continually repot your plants as they grow across their life cycle.

Secondly, the size of the pot you choose can influence your succulents’ overall health and vigor. Whereas a cramped environment encourages root systems to be stunted and restricts growing potential, stretching out in ample space encourages greater growth and development.

Thirdly, consider light levels when selecting a pot for your succulents: terracotta or glazed ceramic containers can increase temperatures during summer months which may help with some types of succulent growth; also bear in mind that dark-colored options will absorb more heat than light ones if exposed to direct sunlight – while this might help certain species thrive, others may suffer leaf burns due to increased temperatures.

Finally, take into account the weight of the planted container before investing in one; clay and ceramic versions tend to be quite heavy when filled with soil – think about lift ability when watering if you live in a higher storey flat!

Overall it’s far better to start small and gradually move up rather than purchase an overly large container from day one: treating your succulent with care by repotting will ensure its longevity.

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