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Do Roses Like Coffee Grounds And Eggshells

Do roses like coffee grounds and eggshells? It’s a common question that gardeners want to be answered. The short answer is: yes, certain roses do benefit from being nourished with a blend of coffee grounds and eggshells.

Both coffee grounds and eggshells offer an array of essential minerals. Eggshells are packed with calcium, while coffee grounds are full of nitrogen, magnesium, and other trace elements. When these two substances are added to the soil, they extend the nutrient supply of essential vitamins that roses need to thrive.

Strengthening the soil is critical for helping roses grow. Adding in both eggshells and coffee grounds can help build up a friendly fungus called Mycorrhizae which helps plants absorb nutrients more effectively. This mixture also has antifungal properties, which can deter some types of diseases from attacking your roses’ roots.

Most importantly, however, adding organic matter helps increase air circulation around plant roots – something that every type of rose needs in order to remain healthy and produce beautiful blooms. Simply add one teaspoonful of eggshell powder along with half a teaspoonful of finely ground coffee in late spring or early summer to give your roses a nutritional boost over the growing season – just make sure to be careful not to over-fertilize them!

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