Do Roses Attract Ticks

Ticks and roses have a complex relationship. Even though it’s often assumed that ticks are attracted to roses, this is not always the case. In reality, rose bushes can provide habitats that attract different tick species.

These areas of vegetation provide a safe harbor for the tiny arachnids, protecting them from their worst enemies – birds and lizards. The thick petals, leaves, and stems of roses can be seen as an ideal refuge for ticks waiting to latch onto unsuspecting hosts, such as pets and humans.

The other risk factor in play is nutrition. Ticks depend on plants and animals for survival, and they stick to roses because they contain essential nutrients like sugar, water, and protein, which aids egg production in female ticks. Depending on the species of tick, some may also be drawn to the scent of natural oils in rose petals or even use them as host plants when looking for prey, such as small rodents or birds that come to our gardens looking for food sources or nesting spots.

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