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Do Potted Sunflowers Need Sun

Potted sunflowers need lots of sunlight. Though they can adapt to partial shade, the more direct sun exposure they get, the better. Sunflowers are surprisingly hardy plants that thrive in moist soil with adequate drainage, along with full exposure to the sun’s rays.

They need 6 hours of sun daily, and without this vital requirement, they will not grow healthy or develop fully. Plant them in pots big enough to accommodate their root system and provide as much sun as possible for bright blossoms and long stems that reach for the sky.

In addition to plenty of sunshine, be sure to give your potted sunflowers water regularly and make sure their soil is well-drained so excess water won’t stay around the roots for too long. When it gets particularly hot outside, pay extra attention to your flowers and make sure you water them—not just once a day but rather several smaller but frequent doses during dry summers. Don’t forget to fertilize them weekly throughout summertime for further stimulation.

Taking care of potted sunflowers is rewarding and worth it—their vibrant yellow-orange petals bring smiles to anyone’s face and look absolutely gorgeous wherever there’s plenty of natural light!

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