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Do Indoor Plants Need Sunlight Or Just Light

Indoor plants need light to survive. Whether that light comes from sunlight or artificial, it is essential for photosynthesis, the process by which plants convert light energy into chemical energy, releasing oxygen and producing sugars to sustain growth. Sunlight is best for indoor green friends — but if you don’t have a bright window spot, artificial lighting can help too.

The key is getting the right amount of both intensity and duration. Direct sunlight provides intense, direct rays, while gentle indirect sunlight filters through windows and reflects off objects nearby, providing diffused illumination. Artificial lighting sources offer absorption of different wavelengths allowing steady, display-specific growth of your precious plants.

Quality bulbs designed specifically for plant growth are ideal since they mimic the natural sunlight spectrum and spread out over a large area. Natural sunlight can be supplemented with LED Grow Lights indoors to achieve optimum results. Both should be considered in tandem when caring for houseplants as exposure varies by species and time of year — with some requiring more than others according to their unique needs.

Too little sun exposure can cause yellow leaves or lack of blooms; too much will damage delicate foliage, so balance is important. If using artificial light, rotate your plants regularly, so all sides get an even share — positioning closer or further from the bulb depending on how much brightness is required for healthy growth.

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