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Do I Need To Fertilize Container Vegetables

Healthy soil is essential for abundant yields of container vegetables. But even the best soil can lose vital nutrients over time. To ensure they have a continuous source of nourishment, consider fertilizing regularly.

Choose a fertilizer suited to your plants’ needs and application instructions. Read the label for accurate dosage and frequency. Make sure it won’t burn the plants by diluting it with water according to directions if needed.

Apply directly to moistened soil at root level or foliar feed with liquid fertilizer warmed to room temperature. For organically grown ingredients, rehydrate several hours before applying fertilizer so roots won’t be burned by sudden contact with concentrate.

Follow-up fertilizing with fish emulsion every other week for extra nutrition for both plants and beneficial organisms in the soil. As an alternative, use a blend of seaweed extract and molasses, applied separately but close together in the schedule rotation.

Fertilizer assists healthy root development and photosynthesis while replenishing key elements like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium lost over time from watering or drainage through volume deductions due to ongoing growth requirements in container gardens

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