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Do Hydrangeas Need A Lot Of Water

Hydrangeas need plenty of water to stay healthy. They’re thirsty plants needing regular watering, especially when the season turns hot and dry. For most areas, an average of 1″ of water per week is ideal; the soil should remain moist but not overly saturated. 

Water thoroughly so that it reaches deep into the soil. Hydrangeas have deep roots that seek out moisture below the surface. If you use a sprinkler system, be sure to give them extra soaking a deeply and slowly-a couple of times during the week when necessary. 

Check often for signs of wilting or distress from lack of water—this could be anything from leaves drooping or yellowing to stems starting to dry up and spindly branches losing their plumpness. The best way to test if hydrangeas need more water is with your finger—if the top inch of soil feels dry, add a bit more H2O! 

Prune back old woody growth at least once per year in late winter/early spring—it’s important to make sure your pruning shears are sharp, as this will ensure clean cuts and good healing for your hydrangea bush. Be sure to give newly planted hydrangeas a thorough watering every few days while they become established in their new home!

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