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Do Hydrangeas Like Rain Water

Hydrangeas are a beloved garden fixture for their riotously colorful blooms. But cultivating these beauties is neither cheap nor easy–especially when it comes to watering. Knowing whether or not your hydrangea needs rainwater and how much can be the difference between success and disappointment.

The answer depends on your landscape and local climate. For established shrubs that have had time to become accustomed to local conditions, rainwater may be enough irrigation during milder months of lighter rainfall. This is especially true if you’re dealing with native species that occur naturally in your region–plus, they’re less demanding when it comes to soil quality than many commercial cultivars.

In areas with more extreme or dry climates, irrigating during dry spells will help ensure good flower production; this could be in the form of rain barrels or other water-capturing devices, draining from a nearby roof line downspout, or simply lugging around a watering can from time-to-time (you’ll want to water deeply to reach roots further below the surface). Stick with winter irrigation if pruning has taken place, as this stimulates strong new growth, which sets up flower buds for the next season. 

Seaspray plants like ‘Endless Summer’ hydrangeas require slightly acidic soils, so you’ll need to fertilize regularly and give supplemental water during prolonged dry spells — but include some water-soluble fertilizer every few weeks for best results.  

Overall, trust nature’s wisdom as an initial guide — then add extra care requests based on individual microclimate needs according to growing zone requirements; this helps keep healthy coloration in bloom times and easier maintenance year after year!

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