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Do Hydrangeas Like Hot Or Cold Water

Hydrangeas love water, but the temperature matters. Cold water helps the blooms stay fresh, while hot water boosts their vibrancy.

When hydrangeas are kept in cold water, they bloom slower, creating longer-lasting flowers. Hotter temperatures can result in bigger blooms faster — at the cost of not lasting as long. These colorful shrubs thrive in temperatures between 45 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit and prefer regular watering compared to large amounts at once. 

Unlike most plants, the bright outdoor sun isn’t necessary for your hydrangea to flourish; partial shade or even full shade is often better for these plants’ health. To keep your plant healthy, use room-temperature water when you give it a good drink. Watering with cold or hot breaks down the cell walls of your blooms so quickly that the flowers don’t have time to settle into place and start drooping from their already fragile stems soon after being cut off from their source of life.

Choice of temperature also depends on your desired effect on the color of your beautiful hydrangeas; blue varieties benefit more from acidic soil created by cold water, and pink varieties like hotter temperatures since it increases either alkaline or neutral soil conditions that change ‘mauve’ colored petals into stunning shades of pink! 

Whichever you choose, be sure to give them frequent drinks, even if it’s just sprinkles of room-temperature liquid every few days during the summer months. Your pretty petals will thank you later!

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