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Do Container Plants Need More Fertilizer

Caring for container plants requires more than just water and sunlight. To thrive in a potted environment, they also need fertilizers to replace nutrients lost over time.

But too much fertilizer can do more harm than good. To use it effectively, start with knowing what your plants need. Check their labels or ask their seller for details.

Knowing the ideal dosage is also critical, as prolonged excessive feeding can cause deficiencies of other vital minerals. Also, the type of fertilizer should be seasonally appropriate – organic or synthetic options have a different composition that changes with seasonal usage.

Keep in mind that plants in containers are less exposed to natural elements like wind, rain, and soil nutrients. That means you must be proactive about maintaining them rather than relying on nature’s revival every year.

In general, give your plants an ‘all-purpose’ fertilizer once a month but no more than twice during flower-bearing seasons. Established plants may require less frequent feedings, while new pots need fortnightly intervals, at least initially, until they strike roots firmly on their own.

Container gardening offers wonderful self-sufficiency, but too little or too much of any care may end up making them sickly, stunted, or even dead; trust your instinct and act accordingly to give your velvet greens a long, happy life!

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