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Do Container Gardens Need More Water

Watering is key to keeping container gardens healthy. Without enough moisture, plants wither and die. But too much also leads to wilted flowers, stunted growth, and poor yields.

The rule of thumb for dousing is ‘deep but infrequent.’ Thoroughly saturating the potting mix once a week will encourage strong root systems and promote lush foliage. During hot weather or drought spells, water more often—but don’t overwater!

Good drainage is essential. Choose lightweight potting soil specifically formulated for containers and add gravel or coarse sand to allow water to flow freely around the roots. If your plants develop wet feet, lift them up slightly or exchange their soil.

Check moisture levels weekly—and even more often if temperatures soar above 90 degrees Fahrenheit—by probing below the surface of the planting mix with your fingertip or a gardening tool like a trowel. If it’s moist two inches down, resist any further watering for now; if dry, it’s time for a shower!

Accurately judging when plants need extra hydration takes experience and practice—so be patient with yourself as you learn from trial and error!

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