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Do Bonsai Trees Like To Be Misted

Misting is an important part of Bonsai tree care. It helps your tree to stay healthy and thrive by increasing humidity around the roots and foliage. If you think of your Bonsai as a miniature version of a much larger tree, it’s easy to understand why misting it could be beneficial.

Giving your Bonsai regular misting can help to keep the leaves soft and moist, eliminating excess dust which can block photosynthesis. Furthermore, humid air creates an environment that prevents the type of wood diseases such as powdery mildew common in dry weather.

Bonsai trees require some level of moisture throughout the day: especially in summer when the temperatures are higher than usual. Misting is especially useful on hot days when trees tend to dehydrate very quickly. Direct sunshine should also be avoided at this time. Try keeping them covered under a shade cloth during peak heat hours if possible.

Humidity levels should be kept relatively high. 70-80% humidity is ideal for all plants, including Bonsai, so misting becomes even more critical during winter when indoor heating is on full blast, and air dries out very easily indoors.

In summary, misting plays a vital role in keeping your bonsais healthy and retaining their freshness: from processing water necessary for survival to playing a role in oxygen exchange with roots for an optimum growth environment year round!

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