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Can You Use Potting Soil To Start Grass

Starting grass from seed is an age-old garden practice. It’s an economical solution to ensure you get the type of lawn or turf you want for your landscape. Knowing what kind of soil works best for this job can improve your chances of success.

Potting soil can provide the ideal environment for starting grass as long as it’s mixed with garden soil, compost, or a combination of both. A 50/50 blend is usually recommended. You can also include moistened peat moss in the mixture if you want to lighten up the potting soil and break up its composition for better drainage. 

For optimal results, loosen up any existing soil in the area you plan to foresee before incorporating a new amended potting mix into it. To begin your project, till or rototill and add fertilizer, so your new grass establishes itself quickly and creates a healthy root system beneath.

Once everything’s prepared, broadcast the seeds across the bed and cover them lightly with loose topsoil, then water thoroughly and keep them moist until they germinate and grow into mowable blades of grass. With proper care and maintenance, your lawn will be ready soon after germination is complete.

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