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Can You Put Eggshells In Indoor Plants

Plant health is paramount. Eggshells are a practical, natural way to nourish the soil for plants. They contain calcium and other essential minerals, including magnesium.

Using them helps strengthen plants, resulting in healthy growth and vibrant flowering. The eggshell pieces should be small so they don’t take up too much space in the soil.

To make them smaller, remove any paper residue when cracking the eggshells or run them through a food processor before adding them to the planter. Don’t forget to wash the eggs shells first. 

Use an old spoon to dig into the soil near the stems of potted plants and place broken eggshells in it. Or you can spread them on top of the dirt surface and then lightly water them until they dissolve into the soil. 

Replace all soil every three years to enjoy optimum plant nutrition while helping your plants stay strong year after year!

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