Can You Overwater Grass Seed

Weeds, not seeds, thrive when grass is over-watered. Contrary to popular belief, too much water can drown out grass seed before it has a chance to grow. Knowing the needs of grass during its germination and growth stages helps prevent this.

Seeds need moisture for germination, but should not be left in wet soil for more than a few days. The first watering should be light and done just after sowing the seed. Further irrigation should begin once the seed begins to sprout. 

Continue watering throughout the growth process, but do it slowly and shallowly. Overhead sprinklers introduce large drops of water that can quickly wash away small seeds before they’re established; instead use a drip irrigation system or hose on a low setting every three or four days depending on weather and climate conditions.

Discontinue overwatering as soon as possible. Seedlings must be able to withstand slight dry periods to develop strong root systems; underwatering allows them to look for water deeper in the soil thus strengthening their roots. 

With appropriate care, germinating grass seed will thrive and help transform barren land into a lush lawn atmosphere with less hassle than you think!

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