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Can You Just Throw Fertilizer On Grass

Organic fertilizers are the best choice for lawns. They promote healthy grass that is more drought-tolerant and disease resistant. Synthetic fertilizers may be cheaper, but they can damage soil health over time, leading to an unhealthy lawn.

For a quick fix, nitrogen-rich fertilizers give plants an immediate boost which makes them look greener but at the same time reduces their long-term sturdiness. A better way to nourish your grass is with a slow-release fertilizer that has balanced amounts of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium. These ingredients break down slowly and will last up to two months in the soil.

Before applying any fertilizer, test your soil’s pH level, so you know precisely how much it needs. Too much or too little acidity in its content can greatly affect the health of your grass. Adding lime or sulfur-based on the results will help fix any imbalances quickly and safely.

Don’t ever apply too much fertilizer, or it may burn your grass, resulting in bald patches and discolored stalks, indicating root rot or nutrient overload. Applying fertilizer correctly takes time and skill, but if done correctly can rejuvenate a patchy dry lawn into a lush green landscape fit for royalty!

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