Can You Just Let Grass Grow

We often think of neat and tidy lawns as the ideal. But a lawn full of color and diversity is inviting to living creatures, releasing oxygen and filtering pollutants from the air.

Letting grass grow can also benefit us in other tangible ways. It traps water while creating microclimates that help cool the surface of urban areas, preventing pollution and reducing noise levels. Plus, it requires less maintenance than cutting it – saving time and money on mowing and lawn maintenance.

Over time, an un-mowed lawn can create a self-sustaining eco-system, providing algae growth for frogs to feed on; the perfect habitat for birds looking for a safe place to nest; even beneficial insects like butterflies to pollinate our plants.

Leaving grass to grow naturally doesn’t just support wildlife; research shows that unkempt environments can have positive effects on mental health too. Green spaces have been shown to reduce stress levels by calming our minds with their soothing sounds and sights. 

The key is not going overboard though: leave enough visibility between plants so that paths can be discerned when needed, allowing people a way through the grass without their having to trample it down. 

Making space for nature in our gardens gives us more than we expect: improved air quality, biodiversity, mental health benefits – these are all things that enrich both our lives and those of other living creatures. Let us nurture nature: let your grass (and yours neighbours’) grow!

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