Can You Grow Grass On Concrete

Growing grass on concrete may seem impossible, yet it is possible to create an attractive green space without any soil. It requires careful preparation, commitment and regular maintenance. 

Start by selecting a grass seed that will be suited for moist, shady and exposed conditions; then apply two or three layers of soil mixed with lime or compost to enhance acidity levels.

Once you have your grass seeds ready, prepare the substrate surface by spraying it with an appropriate weed-killer. Depending on your type of concrete base, you may need to patch up any cracks with specialised materials such as polymer-modified cement mortars.

Then, wet the treated surface and spread the seeded mixture in multiple directions across the concrete. Cover it evenly with decorative stones if desired and add a layer of mulch over top to conserve moisture while aiding in germination.

To ensure excellent growth results, monitor temperatures and water levels periodically thereafter – both key components for grass survival on hard surfaces like concrete. Also keep in mind that added fertilisers are beneficial not only during initial stages but also regularly afterwards as they provide much needed nutrients which help sustain green colouring.

Finally don’t forget inspection: weeds can become troublesome quickly so keep a lookout for any adverse changes or persistent growths obstructing your perfect lawn!

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