Can You Grow Grass In 2 Months

Growing grass in two months starts with the soil. Test it and improve fertility, drainage, aeration, and nutrient balance as needed. Be sure pH is within an optimal range.

Plant after soil amendment and rake to a level grade. Broadcasting seed gives more even coverage than hand planting. Water regularly to keep the surface moist and sow at the proper depth.

 Fertilize to give the grass the best chance of growing thickly and rapidly, and be mindful of the application rates recommended for your type of grass seed. A light top-dressing may also be useful.

Maintain soil temperature at a minimum of 65°F (18°C) by covering areas with straw or fabric when cold nights are forecasted until the grass is established.

Finally, protect new plantings from being trampled or subject to heavy use for at least one month as it grows in root strength. After some time, newly planted grass should require less attention before turning into a lush lawn.

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