Can You Cut Grass Too Often

Cutting grass too often is not ideal. It can weaken lawns, increase weeds, and reduce your savings.

Mowing too frequently damages blades of grass by tearing them off at an angle rather than cutting cleanly. This deprives roots of necessary nutrients and results in a weaker, thinner lawn. The gaps left by the missing blades are filled with weeds that quickly overtake the weakened grass, leading to higher costs for weed removal or herbicides.

Restrict mowing to once per week maximum at the recommended height for your type of grass. If needed, raise height in dry spells — ensuring ongoing health of lawn and grounds alike. Too-short lawns are more stressed; moisture evaporates faster and soils prevent air from getting to the roots below. 

This healthy adjustment also reduces maintenance time because fewer clippings need disposal due to less surface area covered by Lawn Care services providing further economic benefits over time as well as environmental ones like increased carbon dioxide taken up by more established networks of root systems below ground

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