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Can You Cut A Cactus In Half

Cacti have long been beloved for their spiny silhouettes and myriad of shapes. But what if you want two cacti instead of just one? Is it possible to cut a cactus in half and get two thriving plants out of the deal?

The short answer is yes, it is possible to divide a cactus. However, there’s a right way and a wrong way to go about it. To successfully turn one into two, you must give your plant plenty of preparation and TLC.

First, choose an offshoot that already has some roots growing from the stem. This will make it easier to split but also ensures the new cactus has enough energy to survive. Its base should be healthy without any soft spots or rotting areas; if needed, trim away any damaged parts with sterilized shears beforehand.

Next, carefully inspect the area where you wish to cut your cactus with a sharp knife to judge where its natural breakages occur and how best to cut through them evenly. Once in place, use sturdy shears or clippers and firmly grip both sides while slicing down along your predetermined lines in a single motion — don’t saw back and forth, as doing so can damage tissue and leave wounds open for potential infection or pests.

Lastly, re-pot both halves separately in small containers using fresh soil once all dust has been cleared away from the surfaces using an old toothbrush— no need for fertilizer until they have recovered from the transplanting process. Keep them moist but not soggy during this period before returning them back outdoors when allotting full strength again

Amidst some patience (and maybe luck!), you’ll have doubled your batch of these lovely succulents before long!

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