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Can You Cut A Cactus And Replant

Humans often struggle with the concept of letting go. But when it comes to cacti, that’s precisely what we must do – literally.

Cutting and repotting a cactus isn’t for the faint of heart, but with the right tools, timing, and methodology, it can be done successfully. That said, it’s important to understand that there are risks involved; everything from infection to shock could occur if done improperly.

When selecting a cactus to cut or replant, look for mature specimens with healthy root systems. If possible, avoid cutting off any thick stem areas as they tenderize & weaken in waterlogged soils quickly. It can also cause rot in certain species & affects their overall health negatively.

If you happen to cut a section off of an already rooted cactus, make sure both ends are dry before adding soil or relocating. This will help prevent mold and other issues from occurring; even one drop can lead to problems over time!

After cutting and potting your new plant correctly in soil formulated for cacti or succulents, add a topdressing of pea gravel or sand (in arid climates) around the edges so that water can drain properly without washing away all their natural protection against pests & diseases. Keep the soil moist but not wet during this 4-6 week period until it’s fully established. Then, you can relax into its regular care regime!

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