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Can Sunflowers Be Indoor Plants

While sunflowers typically bloom outdoors, there are certain varieties that can thrive indoors. With careful consideration of their needs and a little effort to provide those conditions, sunflowers can provide beauty, color, and unique conversation starters in any home.

The key when growing sunflowers indoors is to select a smaller variety that won’t reach heights too tall for an indoor space. Also, choose specimens with compact blooms that don’t require too much space. A location with a sunny window will help ensure ample light.

It’s best to keep the soil moist but not soggy–too-wet soil can cause root rot and kill your budding bloom. Sunflowers’ long roots may require more frequent waterings than houseplants of similar size; be sure to water whenever their soil is dry to the touch.

Fertilize regularly as well, since indoor plants rely on us for essential plant nutrients they would otherwise get from outdoor sources like soil fertility or decomposing mulch found outside. Use fertilizer specifically formulated for flowers in small doses–over-fertilization has resulted in burned leaves and wilting stalks in some cases.

A few other tips include removing spent blossoms regularly to direct the plant’s energy into new bud production, cleaning dust from its leaves often, and checking for pests regularly (mealybugs sometimes take up residence). With the right environment and plenty of love, sunflowers make great indoor plants!

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