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Can Succulents Live Inside Without Sunlight

Yes, succulents can thrive indoors without direct sunlight. But, to ensure their survival, it’s important to provide them with the best growing conditions possible.

Provide bright light: Place plants near windows that receive moderate or filtered indirect sunlight throughout the day. Alternatively, use grow lights if there isn’t enough natural light available.

Control temperatures: Keep nights above 50°F and days between 65-75°F for plant health and longevity.

Maintain moisture levels: Succulents prefer soil on the dry side, so only water when the top inch is totally dry. Let dampness drain freely, and avoid keeping a saucer full of water under the pot.

Monitor humidity: Low humidity levels create stress in succulents. Increase hydration with occasional mistings or spraying of nearby foliage like walls and curtains instead of onto your plants directly.

Choose containers wisely: Select pots with good drainage holes on the bottom; terracotta works great! Also, consider decorative items that add texture and playfulness to any room with well-deserved succulents.

Careful pruning gurus recommend sticking to deadheading and trimming non-essential sections away from healthy leaves and stem of your plants in order to keep them looking tidy while also allowing them space to breathe healthily!

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