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Can Succulents Grow In Full Shade

Can succulents thrive in full shade? For many plants, it’s a challenge. But, you may be surprised to learn that some succulents can actually manage it – with a few caveats.

Like other shade-loving plants, succulents are adapted to seek relief from the sun and often seek out protection from other plants. To maximize success in full shade, cultivating them near larger trees and shrubs can ensure an ideal setting.

Still, certain species within the category are more tolerant than others, like Jade Plants and Donkey Tails that thrive best with some light diffusion but not direct sunlight for extended periods throughout the day. Generally speaking, these foliage-centric varieties fare better with lower light levels, while cacti tend to need a bit more sunshine.

For those concerned about how much moisture they require indoors, many choose terrariums or pots of soil covered by glass or hard plastic. This creates an environment that maintains humidity longer which can be beneficial to delicate flora like succulents in low-light situations.

However iconic it seems for bright window displays and outdoor gardens alike, understand that for some species hailing from warmer climates like those of Mexico and South Africa — it may never reach their full potential without brighter rays and regular fertilization. But don’t fret; just acknowledge that your little potted friends will need some extra attention (and maybe even innovative products) in order to succeed as brave shade-takers!

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