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Can Succulents Get Too Much Sun

Too much Sun can be detrimental to succulents, leading to wilting, drying out, and even burning. Depending on the type of succulent, an amount of direct sunlight is necessary for proper photosynthesis. However, for some varieties, too much Sun can cause irreversible damage

Protect succulents from harsh midday rays with shading or indirect light. Those adapted to hotter climates may prefer full Sun throughout the day and a good rule of thumb is that if you’re feeling hot, then so are your plants.

Know your species; find out which ones handle direct sunlight well and which will tolerate dappled shade in summer. Give some succulents only morning sun, while others do better with late afternoon sunshine. If needed, adjust how much or little your variety requires by gauging how it develops over time, as too much sun exposure may lead to shriveled leaves and yellow spotting.

Monitor your plants regularly and water them accordingly, depending on light conditions. Too little Sun creates poor color and weakened health, while too many trigger desiccation or scorching, which can lead to death if not treated promptly; remember, young plants need less Sun than mature specimens!

Last but not least, avoid planting next to reflective surfaces such as glass that increases light intensity; instead,, choose those areas in partial shade for optimum growth.

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