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Can I Sprinkle Coffee Grounds In My Yard

Lawns need love, and that might include coffee grounds. Spreading coffee grounds on your grass can lead to vibrant, healthy growth and greener blades. But don’t act in haste. This potential resource has a cost.

Start by weighing shortcomings. Coffee grounds add acidity to your soil; too many could create an unbalanced pH, harming the grass you’re trying to nourish. Moreover, they attract pests like rodents and deer, which have no mercy on your garden produce.

Coffee ground decomposition also adds nitrogen to the soil, helping plant nutrition and growth rate. To benefit from this infusion, however, measure carefully: a quarter cup of coffee per square foot is generally adequate for greening up your grass. Too much or too little can damage the delicate balance of nutrients needed for life in the yard.

Knowing when it’s safe to sprinkle preserves the effect of that fresh-cut look without long-term repercussions. Coffee dissolves only at certain temperatures; apply while cool or blend with dried leaves in summer heat–for smoother spreading–to avoid staining your yard or killing the neighboring plants accidentally showered with acidic reaction products.

Be alert to signs of distress if unnatural changes appear or bitterness lingers after watering: suspect chemical toxicity due to too much caffeine and suspend until further investigations are completed.

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