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Can I Sprinkle Baking Soda On Plant Soil

Can you sprinkle baking soda on plant soil? It’s possible to use baking soda as a fertilizer in some situations. Baking soda is alkaline which helps raise the pH levels of acidic soils and reduces leaf burn.

It’s best used sparingly, however, because it can cause a destructive buildup of salt in the soil if it’s misused. Additionally, when using baking soda on plants, it is important to choose a product without additives for safety.

When using baking soda as a fertilizing agent, start by taking a soil sample and testing its pH level. If your soil is too acidic, decide how much you’ll need to adjust it before adding any ingredients. You can then mix 1–2 tablespoons of baking soda per gallon of water and spray or pour it onto the soil surrounding the plant.

Repeat this process every two weeks until you have reached the desired pH level. However, keep an eye on new growth and add more cautiously if leaves start yellowing or burning around their edges, as this could be a sign of over-fertilizing. Also, examine roots regularly—if they’re whitish or brittle, this could also be caused by an overabundance of salt in the soil from incorrect usage of baking soda as fertilizer.

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