Can I Put Top Soil Over the Grass

Topsoil is a type of soil used for gardening and landscaping. It can be layered over existing grass to create improvements in texture, drainage, and fertility.

For a successful topsoil application, certain steps must be followed. First, the lawn should be mowed down to one inch. Then, test the existing soil’s pH and nutrient levels to determine whether it needs supplemental fertilization prior to topsoiling.

Next, spread a one- or two-inch layer of topsoil over the entire grass surface area. This layer should be tilled into the soil before being lightly watered.

In addition to supplying nutrients needed for plant growth, topsoil may also help address other issues that affect turf quality, like compacted soil and poor drainage caused by capped layers below ground level.

Once overseeding is completed and any new seed is established with regular watering, apply a layer of mulch or straw for added insulation during winter months. To maintain healthy roots throughout the year, make sure to keep up with regular aeration as well as routine fertilizer treatments.

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