Can I Put Fertilizer On Wet Grass

Weeding and fertilizing your lawn may seem like an exhausting task, but it helps to keep the grass healthy. Yet when there’s wet grass, should you apply the fertilizer?

 It’s important to know that applying fertilizer in damp conditions will reduce its efficacy. The extended exposure to moisture can hamper nutrient absorption and prevent fertilizer from breaking down organically.

 Hence, don’t apply fertilizer on wet grass. Instead, wait until after rainfall has dried or if usable turfgrass that is neither flooded nor saturated is present before adding fertilizer.

 For optimal results, mow your lawn first, then water it lightly before spreading the nutrients evenly throughout with a spreader. Where possible, use slow-release organic formulas as they are typically designed to stay in reserve for a longer period and won’t be immediately washed away.

 Finally, after completing the application process, aerate your soil with a garden fork, as this helps get oxygen into the root systems of plants while enabling them to benefit more from added nutrients and prevent disease agents from taking hold.

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