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Can I Mix Grass Seed With Fertilizer

Stimulated growth demands good light, air, soil, and proper nutrition. Fertilizers provide crucial nutrients for lush grass growth but mixed improperly, they may have undesirable results.

But can you mix grass seed with fertilizer? It’s possible but not highly recommended as it affects the efficiency of both components. Grass seed needs special attention when planting, or else you risk wasting effort with weak germination rates.

Mixing fertilizer with seed creates a messier seeding process and inhibits its success. During the germination phase of new grass, the concentrated fertilizer sap could possibly harm the delicate root structure.

The best practice is to fertilize after seeding to promote sustainable growth. A general rule for fertilizing lawns is to use 1lb of nitrogen per 1000 square feet every 8-10 weeks during the growing months of spring and summer. 

Using a spreader to properly distribute products will ensure even fertilization coverage and safe application rate vary by manufacturer’s specifications. Post-fertilization precautions should be taken, such as watering your lawn deeply or waiting at least 24 hours before mowing in order to reduce the burning potential on young blades of grass.

Consult lawn care professionals if ever you’re unsure about how exactly to apply the product correctly – only experienced hands should really handle this task!

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