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Can Hydrangeas Survive In Hot Weather

Hydrangeas thrive in temperate regions with cool summers. They can, however, survive hot weather – provided they have enough water and are given some protection from the sun. 

When temperatures reach above 86°F (30°C), hydrangeas may become stressed and begin to wilt. To ensure their survival, make sure to give the plants plenty of shade and keep them consistently hydrated by watering them a few times a week. 

Drip irrigation can be used to provide long-term stability during hot spells because it allows for deep penetration of water into the soil where the hydrangea’s root system is located. 

During extreme temperatures, place a plastic sheet or lawn blanket over them for additional protection from direct sunlight. This will temporarily reduce heat stress on your plant and allow it to absorb more moisture from the air before getting exposed to dry conditions again.  

Finally, periodically check your plants’ leaves for signs of dehydration, including wrinkled edges or browning tips – signaling that they need a drink. Hydrangeas must have enough water in order to withstand hot weather; failure to comply may risk wilting or death of the plant during extended periods of heat waves.

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